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21 Feb

As an entrepreneur, you are often faced with investments that you cannot make without a loan. The terms of your loan depend heavily on your rating. Read here how this value is created and how you can influence it.

Whoever grows usually has to invest. We are happy to support you with your plans with a loan. As with any funding, we need to determine what the risk is that you will not be able to repay the money. We evaluate your project and take a look at your books. Other factors are also included in your assessment on a scale from 1 to 18. The scale works similarly to the Bundesliga table: 1 is Champions League and 16, 17, 18 are relegated – i.e. a credit default. This means that a low rating stands for a low risk and is rewarded with advantageous credit terms.

By the way, we are committed to the rating. This enables us to prove to the banking supervisory authority that we are not taking more credit risks than is permitted.

A variety of criteria

We want our rating to be transparent and understandable for you. We therefore explain to you what has a positive effect on your classification:

1) We analyze your balance sheet. The key ratios include, for example, the equity ratio. So ensure the best possible ratio of economic equity to total assets. You can achieve this by, among other things, forming retained earnings or settling outstanding receivables.

2) Strive for systematic and ongoing controlling. By means of a meaningful cost calculation, you can see whether your investment is profitable.

3) You should not use short-term loans to finance capital goods that you want to use in the long term.

4) When it comes to an upcoming investment: Explain your project to us with the most detailed planning possible. It is particularly important to us that the numbers are plausible and that the project is highly likely to pay off.

5) With good liquidity planning, you ensure that you generally adhere to your credit line. For example, you do not exceed the maximum amount of your overdraft facility.

What else pays off

  • We keep talking regularly and openly.
  • You convince us of your product policy.
  • You prove to us your strong position in the competition.
  • You have an emergency plan in case you fail unexpectedly.
  • Your company succession is regulated.

Would you like to invest and do you need capital? Or do you have general questions about your rating? Then make an appointment with your customer advisor.

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