The financial miracle; be able to apply for payday loans

31 Oct

In short, if we were to plant ourselves in our bank to obtain a quick loan and be able to be small, we would have to take into account that our integrity would be examined to the greatest detail, as well as be careful when speaking and not seem too uneducated. Do not raise suspicion.

Bank do not offer this

Obviously, banks do not offer these credits and less since their solvency has been affected in recent years. In fact, they only offer loans to those people who have salaries high enough to face quotas of the same size and obligations equally proportional to the credit in question.

That is why, given the increase in demand for mini- loans or small loans, companies have been emerging as mushrooms that are dedicated exclusively to supply these tiny amounts that for some of us can mean the life of our vehicle or the food of next week. But the ideal in these cases is to use financial or banking comparators such as Helpmycash, Iahorro or quick quofin loans that combine in a single portal many of these private or financial lenders that offer credit in small amounts.

Unlike the whole evaluation process that we must suffer when stepping on the ground of a powerful bank, if we want to request a mini loan to one of these companies (you only need to do a quick search in Google to know what they are) we need something so basic as a mobile phone, a computer (or even that, thanks to smartphones ) and have enough lucidity to fill some forms.

It does not matter what attire we are provided with, our way of speaking or the salary that we have (it is necessary to have it for this type of loans, but it does not matter if you charge 500 or 2,000 € monthly). Just a few clicks so that one of the private financial companies published in the aforementioned banking comparators can make a study (by the way, very fast) of your situation and know in a matter of hours if you are the perfect candidate to enjoy those dozens of Euros for you crucial.

Age requirements

Speaking of the requirements, the main ones are to have an age between 18 to 65 years, although some companies determine the minimum over € 25. Obvious considering that they are looking for people with a certain credit worthiness. Tell me at the age of 18 how likely you are, today, to be charging a legal and declared monthly salary to repay the mini-loan.

Then, the next requirement is that you are not currently on any delinquency list as ASNEF (former RAI). Nowadays anyone can be on this list and almost without realizing it. Surely you have an invoice (unfair) that is claiming a mobile operator. Well, if a long time ago, you’re probably on this list and this prevents you from requesting a quick credit or mini credit. Yes, the amount does not matter. Although you owe € 20, it is an impediment to this situation. You must swallow your pride and access the dirty pretenses of that operator red, blue, green or orange.

Finally, the last requirement is that you have some solvency. Some of these companies request that you have a monthly income of at least € 500 and others simply do not detail it. However, although they do not specify it, they have external companies that carry out a study of your solvency. Today your data is everywhere, in fact, you can know up to the size of your pants (or almost).

Besides, these payday loans are really quick. You only have to go to one place . Normally the time that elapses from the acceptance of the application until it is received is usually from 24 to 48 hours.

In short, it is a huge facility to be able to enjoy these mini-credits for our financial day-to-day, because in one way or another, it is a small extension of our salary that we could not otherwise access.

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