Credit Card Holder Code: What it is, where it is and what it is used for

23 Jan

What is the credit card holder code

The credit card holder code is a data whose insertion is sometimes required when making an online purchase using this payment instrument.

It is in fact a specific code aimed at increasing the security level of transactions and which identifies precisely both the credit card and its holder.

However, sometimes the request for this code can put the user in difficulty because he does not know what it is or where to find the data in question. Precisely for this reason sometimes we end up confusing the credit card holder code with the security code or with the card number.

In reality they are equally important and useful data to ensure the security of the transaction, however their purpose is different. The first is the three-digit code printed on the back of the credit card and which must be entered in the appropriate field every time a purchase is made via the web; the second is the code of the payment instrument itself.

The card number and the security code are always requested during the online transaction, while only some e-commerce sites also require the credit card holder.

Where to find the credit card holder code

Where to find the credit card holder code

Typically the credit card holder code is provided by the bank that issued the credit card on paper document in a sealed envelope, just like the PIN. In fact, it is written in the letter accompanying the delivery of this payment instrument.

As a result, it can be picked up at the branch or sent to the owner’s home, always with a credit card. In some cases, the holder of the payment instrument can independently generate the code online. It is a solution that allows to raise the safety standards and the protection of communications between the credit institution and the customer.

This method is made available by the banks that allow the activation of the credit card online. Consequently, the holder code is a creation at one’s pleasure and the fact that this data is edited personally by the holder makes it more easily memorable.

In this case, once the credit card is sent to the user’s home, the holder of the payment instrument must go to the bank’s official website, access the Reserved Area with his / her credentials and carry out the procedure for card activation.

During this phase you are asked to edit the owner code, following the instructions that appear on the screen and in any case respecting the security requirements of the system.

What is the credit card holder code for?

The credit card is one of the most popular and appreciated payment methods when making a purchase on the various e-shops or on an e-commerce platform.

This applies both to transactions involving products of different nature and to those involving services. In most cases, the user is only asked for their credit card number and security code, however some sites adopt higher security standards.

In fact, online scams are quite frequent and represent a significant problem for users, as well as the theft of personal data and those concerning the means of payment used for online economic transactions. Precisely for this reason, you can also request to enter the credit card holder code.

This is a measure that can strengthen the level of data protection. In this way it becomes possible to safeguard them in an optimal and complete way and not expose the used payment instrument to any risks, for example thefts and scams.

In fact, the security of online transactions is a topic that attracts increasing attention and whose implications are particularly significant since internet purchases are increasing exponentially.

What to keep in mind

What to keep in mind

When talking about the credit card holder code, keep in mind that it is a personal code that must remain in the possession of the holder of this payment method only.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that this data is not required by the banking institution to authorize transactions of various kinds or to access its own Reserved Area.

Secondly, it should be emphasized that if you enter an incorrect credit card holder code three times in a row when you want to make an online purchase, the security system automatically blocks the payment instrument. This is a device designed to ensure greater levels of protection against possible card theft.

To make the credit card operational again, contact the Customer Service department of the credit institution that issued it. To bypass the problem, the user must therefore go to the branch office of a bank branch and provide the operator with their data to obtain the release of a new code.

This procedure must also be carried out in the event that the owner code has been edited personally when, during the online credit card activation procedure. Just to prevent these problems from occurring, it is essential to keep the original documentation.

We recommend that you store it in a safe place, perhaps highlighting the relevant data to find all the information you need quickly and easily. Furthermore, it is preferable to also make a copy of the letter sent by the bank in order to be protected even if the original is lost.

The fact that the credit card is blocked after three consecutive incorrect attempts to enter the holder code is the reason why this data should not be confused with the other security codes. In reality, the holder code is found exclusively on the paper document sent by the bank, while the others are printed on the card.

Credit Card Holder Code: updates 2019

Credit Card Holder Code: updates 2019

According to some rumors, in 2019 the number of e-commerce sites and platforms and e-shops that will require the insertion of the customer code to authorize the purchase of products and services will increase.

In fact, transactions that take place via the web and that affect credit cards are continuously increasing because they guarantee greater speed and because e-commerce sites tend to give customers a wider variety of choices regarding the items. and the services available.

At the same time, the problem of the theft of personal data and payment instruments, as well as online scams, needs increasingly updated answers that are able to counter this phenomenon.

The decision of some websites to increase the security levels of web transactions appears to be in line with the highest degree of attention placed by national and European Union authorities on the protection and processing of personal data. The aim is to guarantee greater security, both for users and for the e-shop itself.

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